Tattoo of the hand - Miguel Bohigues - Tattoo Valencia
1 Oct 2020
Bucolic scene where a moment of a father's walk with his 2-year-old girl is realistically reflected. The two of them holding hands. Full motion representation, where we can easily imagine that no element is static thanks to the fullness of detail and differentiation between dark gray and black
niño subiendo escaleras - reloj - miguel bohigues - vtattoo
2 Sep 2020
Tatuaje de un niño subiendo unas escaleras hacia un reloj en destrucción
7 Aug 2020
Description of the main tattoo styles in the current scene.
30 Jul 2020
Spider-Man tattoo on Sergio's skin
28 Jul 2020
Sports and tattoos, all about it.
22 Jul 2020
How to cure a tattoo? Explanation to cure a tattoo correctly?